Breathing Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering

"Raising awareness, promoting collaboration, bridging the gap between researchers and spawning new ideas..."

Coming Up...
October 21st, 13:00, I-105 (light snack at 12:15)
"Neuro-Physiological Evidence as a Basis for Studying Search"
School of Information,University of Texas, Austin, USA
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Breathing Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering

This wiki presents and announces activities including seminars, workshops and talks organized by the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). The main themes are all the areas from the Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering domains. However, we also plan to focus on research areas from other domains as a means to foment cross-fertilization.

With these activities, we hope to motivate collaborations amongst DEI members, to interact with international and national researchers and with people from the industry. Furthermore, we hope the activities serve as a privileged vehicle to strength collaborations, motivate discussions, expose open research problems (brought by the academia and the industry), etc.

We plan to have the following activities:

Inside Awareness DEI Labs Awareness Invited Talks PhD Students Talks Industrial Presentations and Workshops Roots Outside Awareness Writer's Workshop

  • Inside Awareness: presentations about the research activities being carried out by members of DEI. Talks are mainly given by faculty members, Pos-Docs, and PhD students.
  • DEI Labs Awareness: Each DEI Research Lab presents their yearly contributions and on-going projects.
  • Invited Talks: talks given by invited, prestigious researchers (national and foreign).
  • PhD Students Talks: presentations about relevant PhD work in progress and preliminary results that might motivate collaboration and provide feedback.
  • Industrial Presentations and Workshops: talks given by people from the industry.
  • Roots: talks given by researchers about seminal work that most influenced their research.
  • Outside Awareness: presentations of reference publications with the goal of showing some aspects of a research area, and to motivate collaborations between DEI members.
  • Writer’s Workshop: discussions about a paper to be submitted and proposed by its authors.
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