Katja Tschimmel

The Creativity Virus

Creativity is one of our most precious human resources. We owe to it our civilisation, our culture, and every benefit that arts, science or technology offer.
Today, we live on the results produced by creative people over the ages. In this sense, creativity is inexhaustible. Creativity creates creativity.
We can define creativity as the capacity of transforming ideas and knowledge to obtain new knowledge. Creative thinking and action create new creative thinking and action.
Creativity is contagious and so infects the people around us. This is the idea which will be explored in Katja Tschimmel’s talk. In this approach she will not focus only on the creative individual – the artist, the designer, the writer or the scientist -, but she wants to understand the creative person as an integral part of a complex system. A living system which can be a group of people, a team, an organisation, a city or/and the whole society.
The purpose of this Creativity Talk is to infect the audience with creativity by 1. offering knowledge about the creativity phenomenon, and by 2. inspiring the generation of new ideas and knowledge through information, images and short thinking exercises.

May, 4, 2023 – 6pm (GMT+1 – Lisbon & London time) Room B021 FEUP
Moderator: João José Pinto Ferreira – Assistant Professor at FEUP



Katja Tschimmel, German by birth and Portuguese by choice, is consultant and executive trainer, researcher and lecturer, coach and conference speaker.
Having a Ph.D in Design and a Masters in Applied Creativity, Katja researches and works in the fields of Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, Creative Processes and Innovation for more than 25 years. She is the author of the several books and articles about Creativity and Innovation. Katja Tschimmel is the managing owner of MINDSHAKE, a Consultancy in Creative Thinking and Design (www.mindshake.pt). She is also Guest Professor at University of Porto (FEP/FEUP) and Porto Business School, giving Master Classes in several other educational higher institutions in Portugal and abroad. Since January 2023, she is the Portuguese Ambassador of the World Creativity and Innovation Week (https://wciw.org/)

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