Automated Machine Learning using OpenML

Lecture DEI Series

Date: May 29th

Time: 11:00

Room: I025

Speaker: Jan van Rijn

Affiliation: Leiden University


Algorithm Selection and Hyperparameter Optimization are two laborous but viable components of the Machine Learning pipeline. The field of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) focusses, as the name suggests, on automating these processes. Automated Machine Learning builds upon knowledge from previous experiments. In this talk I will introduce, an on line platform containing almost 10 million Machine Learning experiments and 20.000 monthly unique visitors. Furthermore, I will talk about some of the projects that utilize this knowledge, in particular for determining which hyperparameters are most important and how to optimize them based on prior knowledge.

Short Bio

Jan van Rijn obtained his PhD at Leiden University under supervision of Joost Kok and Joaquin Vanschoren. During his PhD he developed, and leveraged it to do research towards machine learning on Data Streams and Meta-Learning. After his PhD he did post-docs at Freiburg University (under supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter) and at Columbia University in the City of New York. Currently he holds a position as Assistant Professor at Leiden University. His current research interest include Automated Machine Learning, meta-learning and combinatorial algorithms. “


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