From qubit to company: is that possible?

Lecture DEI Series

Date: 27/07/2018

Time: 16h00

Room: I-105

SpeakerKoen Bertels

Affiliation: Delft University of Technology



In this talk, I will present the basics of quantum computing using superposition and entanglement between quantum bits, called qubits. I will also describe the core challenges of this field which have to do with the error rates and loss of a coherent state of the qubits. I will highlight the architectural approach that we are currently developing in Delft and what the next steps to take are. I conclude the talk with some ideas of how to go from research to industry by maybe setting up a company, hence the title of the talk.


Short bio:

Koen Bertels is professor and head of the newly created Quantum and Computer Engineering department in the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. His research focuses on hardware/software co-design for heterogeneous multi-core platform and he investigates alternative computing architectures and technologies.  Since 4 years, he is  heavily focusing on quantum computing. In that sense, he is currently a principal investigator for architectural design in the TUDelft quantum research lab, QuTech. He is responsible for the development of an experimental micro-architecture for a real quantum processor and he is also studying the scaling challenges when more quantum bits (qubits) are involved in the computation. His research is financed by Intel in the context of a 10 year collaboration to build a quantum computer. He started in total 3 companies as he thinks that industrial and societal relevance is very important.



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