IBT (INESC Porto Beat Tracking software)

A real-time system for tempo induction and beat tracking of music audio signals written in C++ and part of the free MARSYAS framework (see IBT documentation).

Here is a scientific paper explaining the software.

Binaries (command line)

Max/MSP audio beat tracking external

Pure Data audio beat tracking external

Sonic Visualiser audio beat tracking Vamp plugin

**Note, this plugin does not currently work with Sonic Visualiser. However it will run with version 0.7 of Sonic Annotator. Many thanks to Chris Cannam and Matthias Mauch for pointing this out.

RoboNova dancing to Blur. Each sequence of moves is synchronized to the musical beats on-the-fly, retrieved from the real-time INESC Porto Beat Tracker (IBT). [paper1]; [paper2]

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