Lego NXT Dancing to the Rhythm

A Lego-NXT-based humanoid robot dancing to the rhythm of prodigy. It reacts in real-time to multimodal events, from musical note-onsets and dance floor colors, with user-defined dance motions. [paper]

Synchronized Robot Dancing

RoboNova dancing to Blur. Each sequence of moves is synchronized to the musical beats on-the-fly, retrieved from the real-time INESC Porto Beat Tracker (IBT). [paper1]; [paper2]

Humanoid Robot Dancing Samba

Simulated humanoid robot NAO dancing samba. The dance movements were mapped from MoCap (motion capture) recordings of human samba performances. [paper1]; [paper2]; [paper3]

Beat Tracking for Robot Audition and Live Beat-Synchronous Robot Dancing

Interactive robot dancing system that simultaneously processes and responds to the beat of continuous musical stimuli and to the speech of a human interactor in a real-world scenario. [paper1]; [paper2]; [paper3]

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