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Autotagging dataset

A pre-processed version of the original Magnatagatune data set, coping for issues such as duplication, synonymy, etc. The data is here.

Details about the pre-processing applied on the Magtag5k can be found in the paper [Marques G., Domingues M.A., Langlois T., Gouyon F. “Three current issues in music autotagging“. In 12th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2011), 2011.]

(Audio files for the original Magnatagatune data set can be downloaded from the original URL.)

“Groove” datasets

From the ShakeIt project

Beat tracking dataset

From the paper [“Selective Sampling for Beat Tracking Evaluation” Holzapfel A., Davies M. E. P., Zapata J. R., Oliveira J., Gouyon F., IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 20(9), pp.2539-2548, 2012.] This data includes:

  • Beat annotations and supporting meta-data
  • Audio excerpts

Update 5th August 2014: please note the annotations for excerpts 056, 137, 153, 203 and 257 have been updated to remove the final beat annotations which were out of range. Thanks to Andy Lambert for pointing this out. Please see sub-folder SMC_MIREX_Annotations_05_08_2014 in the .zip file for the latest version of the annotations.

You can find the data here.

For more information on this dataset, contact us.