Artificial Intelligence R&D Lab

About Us


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) R&D Lab is devoted to contributing to the theory and application of AI, carrying out research and development activities spanning all dimensions of an intelligent system. Its devised solutions benefit from approaches built upon distributed and decentralized coordination and cooperation mechanisms to improve performance in dynamic and uncertain environments, as well as robust machine learning and data science algorithms with a vast range of applications to real-world domains. The AI Lab is also committed to ensuring the ethical, transparent, and accountable use of AI so as to enhance its societal value and impact.

Topics of Interest

• AI and Games
• Behaviour Modelling and Simulation
• Computational Logic
• Data Science and Engineering
• Decision Support Systems
• Ethical and Responsible AI
• Intelligent and Social Robotics
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
• Machine Learning
• Multi-Agent Systems
• Natural Language Processing
• Negotiation, Reputation and Computational Trust
• Planning, Scheduling, and Disruption Management
• Social Network Analysis
• Social Simulation and Complex System Analysis

ACM Computing Classification System

Computing methodologies → Artificial intelligence

Computing methodologies → Machine learning