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The mission of InfoLab is to design, implement and test information systems for a broad area of applications, addressing relevant problems in research, industry and society in general. Research areas and projects at InfoLab concern information management and information retrieval, as illustrated in tools for web search, data analysis, research data management and digital preservation.


Work in digital preservation includes models, methods and tools particularly in the area of database preservation, research data repository management and e-science. To do so, InfoLab combines different backgrounds on Informatics Engineering and Information Science.

Topics of Interest

  • Information management
  • Information retrieval
  • Information processing
  • Digital preservation
  • Research data management
  • Text mining
  • Web mining
  • Recommender systems
  • Social web
  • Semantic web

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Information Systems

Human-centered Computing

Computing methodologies → Artificial Intelligence →Natural Language Processing

Computing methodologies → Artificial Intelligence → Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Applied computing