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LGP is a living lab that creates a unique context and provides students with a first-hand learning experience. LGP offers its students the ideal environment to develop and practice cross-cutting and multidisciplinary skills in project management, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and communication. Inspired by agile methods and lean experimentation, the LGP methodology allows students to apply knowledge and practices of project management in the development of technological products based on market-validated needs.

Throughout the various phases of the LGP methodology - from the organization of companies and multidisciplinary teams, to the presentation of the product - students contact customers, partners and competitors, encounter the complexity and uncertainty inherent to technology-based innovation, and experience first-hand the culture of a startup.

As Peter Drucker said, "entrepreneurship is risky, mainly because few of the so-called entrepreneurs know what they are doing". In LGP, students, customers, teachers and all stakeholders realize that learning, collaboration and innovation always go hand in hand.

LGP, Linking Great Partners ...