Having spent all my academic life at FEUP, it is inevitable that should hold a great deal of importance on my present and future, both personal and professionally speaking. In fact, I would probably not be where I am today, doing what I love most, in one of the best OTA companies, being able to do research on my PhD field and also have a real and direct impact on real world use cases, were it not by all that I have learned during my years at FEUP. I was particularly blessed to be introduced to Data Science early in the Master’s degree, which allowed me to uncover my professional purpose in life. The support and directions I received during that experience, were essential to my success back then and still are nowadays. From that point, I was hooked and so the need to push the boundaries of what I had learned so far arose quite naturally. And not surprisingly, it became obvious quite fast that a PhD was the answer to my needs, since it would allow me to receive further instruction and also spread my wings and face new and exciting challenges. I believe that a key to my success comes from the fact that engineering and science are intertwined in all aspects of FEUP’s academic degrees. This is always visible in the care and attention that professors hold when discussing research topics that they hold dear to their hearts. It is that passion and dedication that helps us students to pursuit great academic achievements and that ultimately prepares us for our life. And for that, I have to thank you all.