Applications for the school year 2022/23 are open for submission at FCT/UNL.

The emergence of new applications in the area of digital media such as digital games, interactive content on the web, interactive TV, video on demand, the arousal of educational software with high impact on the younger generation and also, more recently, the dissemination of informative content, marketing and entertainment on mobile devices, show the importance of the study and research on this type of content and the study of their relationship with technology, the distinct areas of science and society in general.

The PDMD offers advanced training of 3rd cycle in the area of Digital Media in four specializations:

  • Audiovisual and Interactive Content Creation
  • Industry, and Publics and Markets
  • Journalism
  • Technology

The typical duration of the program is 4 years full-time (240 ECTS), corresponding to one year curriculum component (PhD course) and 3 years of the research component (PhD Thesis).