The main goal of of this project is to improve current model-based GUI testing methods and tools, contributing to construct an effectively applicable testing approach in industry and to contribute to the construction of higher quality GUIs and software systems. One of the problems to overcome when implementing a model-based GUI testing approach is the time required to construct the model and the test case explosion problem. Choosing the right abstraction level of the model, extracting part of that model by a reverse engineering process and focusing the test cases to cover common recurrent behaviour seems to be a way to solve the problems.



iMPAcT Tool

The iMPAcT tool enables automatic testing of mobile applications. It combines reverse engineering and pattern identification in order to test recurring behaviour (UI Patterns) in Android mobile applications.





REQAnalytics is a recommender system that collects the information about the usage of a website, processes it and generate recommendations reports that contribute to increase the quality of the website. The results of the proposed approach with the analysis of the website provide more readable reports in a language more closer to the business, indicate new workflows and navigation paths, identify functionalities that can be removed and support the maintenance of the software specification requirements.