Pedro Rebelo

Pedro Rebelo é compositor, artista sonoro e performer e trabalha predominantemente em música de câmara, improvisação e instalação sonora. É atualmente Professor catedrático na Queen’s University Belfast e investigador colaborador do INET-md.

Em 2002 terminou o seu doutoramento na University of Edinburgh onde desenvolveu trabalhos de investigação em música e arquitetura.

As suas obras refletem a sua abordagem ao design e à prática creativa numa compreensão alargada da cultura contemporânea e das tecnologias emergentes.

Palestra: Participatory Sonic Arts
This talk will introduce methodologies and strategies associated with recent participatory sonic arts projects in the UK (Sounds of the City, Belfast),  Brazil (Som da Maré, Rio de Janeiro) and Portugal (Sou Cigano, Castelo Branco). These projects explore how sound is related to ideas of place, identity and the everyday. Participatory strategies rooted in authors such as Paulo Freire and notions of relayed creativity (Georgina Born) inform this work which aims to assert sonic arts as a vehicle for social intervention, documentation and change.
These projects have identified the power of sound when in comes to contested space, territorial politics and conflict. Belfast’s sonic histories reveal both segregated and shared conditions, articulated by sound memories and stories. Rio favela’s territorial conflicts manifest themselves in sound as events such as military occupations are meant to control local discourse and politics. The gypsy community in Castelo Branco shares their aural knowledge which is an integral part of nomadic life. The sonic arts function as an environment in which to explore these tensions of identity and territory in the context of everyday life. Field recordings, interviews, sensory ethnography, sound sculptures, immersive audio are all strategies which engage participants in revealing their own sound stories which are intrinsically rooted in space.