Reinventing computing for a data-driven world

Lecture DEI Series
Date: July 26th
Time: 16:15
Room: I-105
Affiliation: Hewlett Packard Labs
Data explosion is not coming it’s here, and it’s only getting bigger. The next stage of technology will need to accommodate unprecedented amounts of data driven by 100s of billions of devices and sensors that comprise the Internet of Things stretching our technology capabilities to the limit and beyond. At the same time, we’re operating in an increasingly insecure, unmanageable and risky environment from a technology, business and societal perspective. If we don’t find a way to change todays computing architectures, they simply won’t be able to keep up and the we won’t be able to obtain the resources needed to power and sustain them.
In this talk, I will present how Hewlett Packard Labs address these radical changes by innovating technology in the areas of photonics, silicon design, memory driven computing, security, AI, and edge. By working closely from customer requirements and focusing on HPE productization opportunities, we deliver innovation that matters. I will provide specific examples of research projects, such as unconventional architectures, programming, and accelerators, new approaches to security, etc. This way we are able to address the limits imposed by post-Mooreb s Law and the onslaught of generated data.
Short Bio
Dejan is a distinguished technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA (1998-) leading system software teams over 4 continents and projects with budgets of hundreds US$M. He worked at the OSF Research Institute in Cambridge, MA and at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. Milojicic received his PhD from Kaiserslautern University, Germany; and his MSc/BSc from Belgrade University, Serbia. He was a technical director of the Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed, with academic, industrial and government sites in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has published 2 books and 180 papers; he has 37 granted patents. He is an IEEE Fellow (2010) and ACM Distinguished Engineer (2008). Milojicic was on 8 PhD thesis committees and taught Cloud management course at SJSU. As president of the IEEE Computer Society (2014), he started Technology Predictions, the top viewed CS news. As the industry engagement chair, he started IEEE Infrastructure’18 conference”

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