PDMD Meetup-Porto #10: Let’s share our Ph.D. work

The 10th session of the Digital Media meetups at Oporto will be held online, via Zoom, on the 19th March (Friday) 2021 at 5 P.M.

There will be no specific theme or guest in this meetup, but we will use it to make a sharing round between everyone present. The idea is that we all briefly share the current status of our Ph.D. work and what we are going to do next. We are sure that it will be an excellent time for sharing and that it can even act as anti-stress and clarify doubts or ask for help/opinion!

Right after this Meetup, we remember a relevant session for everyone that will take place at 6pm. It will be the second session of the cycle “PLAN D: what to do after the PhD?”, With Tiago Gama Rocha, Invited Assistant Professor at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) and ISMAI (Instituto Universitário da Maia). This session, “D for Developing Communication Techniques”, will focus on the communication of scientific work, collaborative and interdisciplinary research, the use of creative strategies and digital technologies. What can we do to make others understand and know our work better? More information and link to the session here: https://ilcml.com/sessao-02-com-tiago-gama-rocha/

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