QC Talks


The “QC Talks” series is intended to be a privileged virtual forum for the presentation and discussion of recent achievements and challenges in quantum computing. Although it intends to focus more on the computer science aspects, it will also cover quantum computing technologies and engineering. The series will consist of talks given by leading scientists and researchers from academia, research labs and industry, and aims to cover the broad spectrum of topics related to quantum computing from models and programming languages to technologies and applications.


DEI Open Day


DEI Open Day takes place annually and aims to be a showcase of teaching and research activity of the Department of Computer Engineering of FEUP, with the objective of exploring opportunities for collaboration with national and international companies.

This event promotes thematic debates and informal conversations aiming at a greater proximity with companies and society in general. Companies, teachers, researchers and students interact throughout the day, through guided tours to DEI courses and research laboratories, lectures and pitch sessions of master’s and doctoral theses.




jobIT is a cycle of micro talks that serves as a showcase of the ICT business overview. This event is organised in cooperation with the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering students and offers an opportunity of contact with national and international companies.


Creativity Talks


CreativityTalks is a forum for multidisciplinary creative thinking processes, intent on leveraging innovation and new pedagogical methodologies. The series will consist of talks by leading figures that critically reflect and apply creativity in a broad spectrum of areas. CreativityTalks will be organized in yearly cycles of four talks. The target audience for CreativityTalks includes all fields of academia, research institutes, public organizations, companies, and society at large.




The Doctoral Symposium in Computer Engineering is an annual event organized by students of the Doctoral Program in Computer Engineering, as part of the unit course “Scientific Research Methodologies”.

Year after year, DSIE helps PhD students improve their research, writing and presentation skills by providing them with the means to practice. At DSIE, students have the opportunity to present their scientific work, discuss ideas, and receive feedback from peers, professors, and researchers.


Commit Porto


Commit Porto is a tech conference organised by AlumniEI that brings together professionals who tackle challenges in software development with the latest technologies. It is an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and inherently promoting Porto as a vibrant and dynamic city for technology-based companies.


DEI Talks


DEI talks is a virtual space to promote both the acquaintance of DEI members with recent work of world relevant researchers and also to keep updated with the recent industry interests that might be relevant to DEI’s researchers. DEI talks are organised around three topics. Updated work by relevant researchers in the fields of interest of DEI staff, DEI staff acquaintance with DEI’s visitor researchers work and short terms series of three month talks on a specific topic defined for each period.”


Creative Colab


The Creative Colab is an initiative of the Doctoral Program in Digital Media, organized annually by the first-year students and aimed not only to the scientific community but also to the general public. The event is an invitation to exploitation and discussion of perspectives on digital media, crossing creativity, technology and communication.

A program is set up every year with a different and current topic and through hackathons and talks top guest speakers bring to the discussion pertinent contributions on the theme addressed.


Jornadas de Ciência

da Informação

This conference is jointly organised by students of the Bachelor in Information Science (LCI) and the Master in Information Science (MCI), programs that result from the partnership initiated in 2001 between the Faculty of Arts (FLUP) and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) which had in its origin the Course of Documentary Science (FLUP, 1985) and the Master in Information Management (FEUP, 1998).

Every year this meeting brings together elements of the academic community, from different areas of knowledge, opening doors to the business community, public entities and to Alumni that integrate, today, some of the most innovative organizations.











Talk a Bit


Talk a Bit is a non-profit conference organized by the Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering students, within the Seminars unit course.

The conference had its first edition in 2013 with less than 150 participants and in its 8th edition in 2020, it had more than 500 registered participants. The students commit to provide an excellent program, offering an environment for discussion on current topics and the future of technology.


Multicultural Lunch @DEI


International and Erasmus students are invited to bring a gastronomic specialty of their country and around the table socialise and exchange experiences with teachers and secretariat, fostering a moment of social proximity, facilitating the integration of those who have chosen to spend a season at DEI/FEUP.



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