Amílcar Domingos Fernandes

Técnico Superior





Marisa Isabel Brandão Silva

Técnica Superior



DEI’s Director, Master in Multimedia (MM), Doctoral Program in Digital Media (PDMD)


Phone: 220 413 906


Ana Isabel da Silva Santos

Assistente Técnica



Master in Software Engineering (MESW), Master in Engineering and Data Science (MECD)


Phone: 220 413 905


Sandra Maria Pinto Reis

Assistente Técnico



Doctoral Program in Computer Engineering (PRODEI), Master in Information Science (MCI), Bachelor in Information Science (LCI)


Phone: 220 413 904


Catarina Castro

Técnica Superior



Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering (L.EIC), Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering (M.EIC)


Phone: 220 413 903


Pedro Miguel Carvalho da Silva

Técnico Superior


Support to DEI’s Director and Teaching Staff in the areas:

Accounting and Budget, Projects and R&D, Hiring, Faculty Evaluation


Phone: 220 413 902


José Ricardo Barboza

Técnico Superior


Support to DEI’s Direction and Faculty in the areas:

Multimedia, Equipment Management and Websites





Phone: 220 413 251


Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
Department of Informatics Engineering
Edifício I – Sala I012A

Secretariat Opening Hours
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