Members of DEI– the Informatics Engineering Department are lecturing in the following courses:

  • post-graduation (Doctoral):
    • ProDEI– Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering. More information available here.
    • MAPI – Doctoral Program in Computer Science — Joint course with FCUP (administrative headquarters), UA and UM
    • PDEEC – Doctoral Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • PMDM – Doctoral Program in Digital Media
    • PRDEIG – Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management
    • PDEPP – Doctoral Program in Engineering and Public Policy
  • post-graduation (Masters):
    • MIEIC – Integrated Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
    • MIEEC – Integrated Master in Electrical and Computers Engineering
    • MIB – Integrated Master in Bioengineering
    • MCI – Master in Information Science
    • MM – Master in Multimedia
    • MESG – Master in Services Engineering and Management
    • MESW – Master in Software Engineering
  • graduation (Bachelor-Licenciatura):
    • LCI – Licenciatura in Information Science — Joint course with FLUP (administrative headquarters)
    • LCC – Licenciatura in Communication Sciences

Participation in International Organizations:

  • iSchools: DEI-FEUP and DCCI-FLUP manage the participation of U. Porto in the iSchools consortium