DEI believes in empowering students as agents of change, so promotes close liaison with student groups that develop their activities in the DEI’s areas of interest. Students are encouraged to share their events and participate in events organized by DEI. Their activities are supported in different ways, maintaining close contact through DEI faculty members who offer advice in their areas of expertise.

Belonging to a student group serves as a gateway to forums, panel discussions, and symposia that promotes not only the student’s professional development but also interpersonal skills, which are increasingly valued in the job market.

If you are a student looking to develop extra-curricular skills, we leave you the challenge, join one of the teams!


Informatics Group of AEFEUP

Composed entirely by students of the Informatics and Computing Engineering programs, this student branch has as main motivation the acquisition of experience and skills essential to the world of work as well as to encourage peers to learn languages and new technologies.



IEEE University of Porto Student Branch

Composed of University of Porto students and IEEE members, including a chapter from the IEEE Computer Society.



Group of Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Group of students, mostly from FEUP.DEI, with interest in Computer Graphics, Interaction, Game Development and Multimedia.



ACM FEUP Student Chapter

The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) was founded in 1947, and is today the largest scientific and educational computing society. The student chapter aims to have a representation of this society in the FEUP community with numerous workshops and various activities.


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