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Collaborative VR/AR Editor

We developed a prototype for a collaborative editor of 3D virtual environments, where several users may connect and share a virtual world and change its content in real time. The users connect through an online server, using a computer or Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR) devices, from different remote locations.

When users connect to the collaborative editor, they are placed in a virtual world which was previously created, where they may explore and visualize its content and other connected users. Simple avatars were created to represent the position and orientation of each user, together with virtual hands for users with VR controllers.

Several interaction and collaboration techniques were implemented, adapted to the different devices compatible with the prototype, which allow to manipulate 3D objects within the scene and interact with other users present in the virtual world.

The objects in the virtual world may be moved, rotated and scaled, and these changes are tracked and instantaneously updated for all users. Users are also able to call attention of others to objects or themselves, through the use of visual and auditory guides, enhancing the performance of collaborative tasks in the virtual environment.