Ana Paiva e Jorge Ferreira receberam o Best Paper Award no âmbito da “QUATIC’19 – 12th Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology”

Um grupo de investigadores da Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP) e INESC TEC foi recentemente distinguido em Espanha com o Best Paper Award no âmbito da “QUATIC’19 – 12th Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology” que decorreu na Ciudad Real em Espanha de 11 a 13 de setembro de 2019. Da autoria de Ana […]

Provas de Doutoramento em Media Digitais: “Political Mobilization in Brazil from 2013 to 2017: a Technopolitical Analysis Using Surveys and Social Network Data Mining”

Requeridas por: Marcela Canavarro Rodrigues Martins Data, Hora e Local Dia 16 de setembro, às 14h00, na Sala de Atos da Faculdade de Engenharia Presidente do Júri Doutor Jorge Manuel Pinho de Sousa, Professor Catedrático da FEUP Vogais Doutor Emiliano Treré, Lecturer da School of Journalism, Media and Culture da Cardiff University, Reino Unido; Doutora Paola Sartoretto, […]

StepTalks2019: Engenharia de Software, Proteção de dados, Privacidade e Cybersegurança

Today, Portuguese and international companies based in Portugal/South Europe have demonstrated an ability to react, indicating a growing concern to adopt good International practices in software engineering, as a way to foster their capabilities for their sustained growth, higher competitiveness and internationalization, also complying with the latest European/international legislation on data privacy and protection thus […]

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Using IEEE Software & System Engineering Standards to Support America’s Army Gaming Development

Lecture DEI Series Date: July 26th Time: 17:30 Room: I-105 Speaker: Susan K. “Kathy” Land Affiliation: Program Manager US Department of Defense Abstract Every organization faces their own unique challenges when developing software, none more so than America’s Army ( Americab s Army (AA) is a computer game produced by the US Army to promote Army […]

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Reinventing computing for a data-driven world

Lecture DEI Series Date: July 26th Time: 16:15 Room: I-105 Speaker: DEJAN S. MILOJICIC Affiliation: Hewlett Packard Labs Abstract Data explosion is not coming it’s here, and it’s only getting bigger. The next stage of technology will need to accommodate unprecedented amounts of data driven by 100s of billions of devices and sensors that comprise the […]

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Dynamic Application Autotuning for Approximate Computing

“Lecture DEI Series Date: July 15th Time: 11:00 Room: Auditório B – INESCTEC Speaker: Cristina Silvano Affiliation: Dept. of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Abstract Several classes of applications can expose at runtime a set of software knobs (including application parameters and code transformations) to trade-off the quality of the results and the […]

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