“Human/Digital” seminar – June 15th

Within the framework of the Graduate Program in Business Intelligence & Analytics, DEI and Porto Business School are organizing  a seminar with the title “Human / Digital”, which will take place at Porto Business School, june 15, at 16:30.


Nicholas Negroponte once wrote that the man-machine relationship is one of the most fascinating themes in the history of civilization. We live in a dual world, real-virtual, zero-one, human-digital. But this duality is, at the same time, intriguing: are we really gradually leaving the real world and integrating a virtual world? Or, on the contrary, will we be increasingly resilient so that we do not stop having our feet on the ground?


For this seminar we invited three experts who will help us reflect on the digital citizen, the digital consumer and the digital manager.



4:15 p.| Reception to participants


4:30 p.| Welcome


4:45 p.| “Consumidor/digital” // Diana Almeida, Data-driven Product Manager at Booking.com and alumna PG Business Intelligence & Analytics


5:00 p.| “Citizen/digital” // Pedro Magalhães, Research Fellow at ICS-ULisbon, Scientific Director of the Manuel dos Santos Foundation


5:15 p.| “Gestor/digital” // José Gonçalves, President & Country Managing Director at Accenture Portugal


5:30 p.| Debate


5:55 p.m| Closure



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