DEI Talks | “Task scheduling algorithms for fog architectures” by Prof. Celestino Lopes de Barros

Celestino Lopes de Barros is Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT) of the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) since 2005. Graduated in Informatics in 2006 by the Instituto Superior de Educação, he obtained a Master’s degree in Electronic and Engineering and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro in 2010. Holds the Certificate in Advanced Studies and has a PhD in Science and Technology from UaB and UTAD since 2021. His areas of interest are Cloud computing and its paradigms. Author of several papers focusing on ‘Job Scheduling in Fog Paradigm’.

Join us on the 11th of May, at 14:30, in room I-105 FEUP, for the presentation of “Task scheduling algorithms for fog architectures”


According to the author’s knowledge task scheduling in fog paradigm is highly complex and in the literature there are still few studies on it. In the cloud architecture, it is widely studied and in many researches, it is approached from the perspective of service providers. Trying to bring innovative contributions in these areas, we propose a solution to the context-aware task-scheduling problem for fog paradigm. In our proposal, different context parameters are normalized through Min Max normalization, requisition priorities are defined through the application of the Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) technique and scheduling is performed using Multi-Objective Non-Linear Programming optimization (MONLIP) technique.

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