The COMPSYS laboratory conducts research activities in the area of Computing Systems, namely from high-performance custom and reconfigurable computing systems, to mobile and distributed, to embedded and cyber-physical systems.
Research activities include computational architectures, design and evaluation, software notations and tools (e.g., domain-specific programming languages), and non-functional requirements such as power consumption, fault tolerance, and timing (e.g., in real-time systems).
The mission of the COMPSYS lab is to conduct cutting-edge fundamental and applied research, with the goal of advancing the state-of-the-art, contributing to the education and specialized training of human resources, cooperating with industry, and helping solve problems with societal impact.

Topics of Interest
• Domain-Specific Programming Languages (DSLs)
• Compilers and Tools
• Custom and Reconfigurable Computing (including FPGAs)
• High-Performance Computing (with emphasis on embedded computing)
• Embedded Computing; Real-Time Systems
• Mobile Computing
• Context-Based Computing; Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Performance Engineering