Industry 4.0 and related technologies are enablers for new industrial systems capable of dealing with the challenges of high-mix/low-volume production and shorter lead times. Industry 4.0 allows industrial systems to become digital, bringing more technology into the shopfloor and consequently allowing for high-volumes of valuable data to be easily available anytime and everywhere. The DIGITAL Industry R&D LAB, develops R&D activities in advanced control concepts and systems, software tools and technologies, for a broad array of industrial applications. Targeting the design, implementation and validation of smart components for advanced industrial system that introduce intelligence into industrial processes, the DIGITAL Industry R&D Lab contributes to the emergence of Industry 4.0 solutions, by implementing novel approaches related with Cyber-Physical Production Systems.


Topics of Interest
• Adaptability and reconfiguration of control architectures
• Collaborative robotics and human-robot collaboration
• Cyber-security in industrial applications
• Data analytics
• Digital Twins
• Industrial robotics and intelligent manufacturing
• Intelligence and coordination
• Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems
• Planning, optimization and control
• Self-adapting and self-awareness
• Smart Components
• Software Control Architectures