The Digital Media R&D Lab brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers focused on innovation in the digital transformation processes that affect today’s society, particularly in research lines that investigate the digital mediation between human beings, society, and culture with emerging technologies.

Topics of Interest
• Personal-Computer Interaction, User Experience (UX), Usability and Accessibility
• Computer Graphics, Multisensory Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
• Multimodal Interfaces, Natural Interfaces
• Digital Game Design and Development
• Serious Games and Gamification
• Sound and Music Computing
• Digital Humanities, Literacy
• Education, Technology-Mediated Education, Educational Software
• Creativity and Artistic Expression mediated by Technology and Digital Art
• Technology and Digital Culture
• Digital Media in Performing Art
• Communication Sciences, Journalism, Social Media
• Science Communication
• Information Sciences, Digital Preservation
• Studies on the relationship of Digital Media to Industry, Public and Markets
• Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising
• Interactive Systems and Audiovisual Content Creation
• Open Data, Open Source, and Citizenship Movements
• Technologies in Health