Universities such as UP have two main missions. One is to train people in the most state-of-the-art technology and know-how that exist and, at the technology level, the second is to research and develop know-how to build and use completely new computers. One of those technologies is quantum computing. It is in the first phase of its development, but universities have to develop new initiatives to contribute to that new technology, with implications to all existing sciences ranging from economics and psychology to the production and programming of quantum computers. The QCRLab is focused on these two objectives. It will develop quantum accelerators from the application level up to the micro-architecture and the execution on the quantum simulator. It will also offer courses to various master programs where students with clear interest in quantum computing can choose to follow.

Topics of interest
• Quantum economics application
• Quantum medical applications
• Quantum programming language
• Quantum Operating System
• Quantum micro-architecture
• Quantum mapping and routing
• Quantum execution on the QBeeSim simulator ACM Computing Classification System
• Theory of computation → Models of computation → Quantum computation theory
• Theory of computation → Models of computation → Quantum information theory
• Hardware → Emerging technologies → Quantum technologies
• Hardware → Emerging technologies → Quantum technologies → Quantum computation
• Hardware → Electronic design automation
• Theory of computation → Design and analysis of algorithms → Algorithm design techniques
• Applied computing → Life and medical sciences → Genomics
• Applied computing → Law, social and behavioral sciences → Economics