Software is increasingly present in our lives, covering diverse areas such as navigation systems, control systems, service support systems, teaching support systems, etc. In this context, Software quality is a critical aspect that must be taken seriously. Software Engineering is concerned with Software quality issues, i.e. ensuring that Software is built in a systematic, rigorous, measurable way, on time, within budget and according to specifications.
Our mission is:
develop new methods, techniques, and tools that advance the way Software is designed, synthesized, and evaluated; ensure that the results of our research have a lasting impact on the practice of Software development; provide students with an education that prepares them to assume a leadership role in complex Software development projects; and contribute to improving the competitiveness of the industry.

Topics of Interest
• Software Engineering
• Software Patterns and Paradigms
• Model-based Software Testing
• Mobile Application Testing
• Software Process Improvement
• Software Engineering Knowledge Management
• Software Requirements Evolution
• Serious Games for Teaching Software Engineering
• Agile Methods