To carry out and support joint research projects in the area of computer engineering, that reflect, in an integrated way, interest for FEUP and the satisfaction of industry needs, felt by SONAE IM and constituent members.

To build a community of joint knowledge in the area of computer engineering between FEUP, SONAE IM and constituent members, in order to potentiate the practical impact of innovation in the market.

To encourage university-business partnership to develop the future highly skilled computer engineering workforce in the country and worldwide.

Topics of Interest
• Blockchain Systems
• Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)
• Distributed Computing
• Information Management
• Information retrieval
• Information processing
• Multi-Agent Systems
• Spatio-temporal data analysis
• Behaviour modelling techniques
• Cybersecurity
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Geospatial Systems
• Software Testing
• Model-Driven Software Engineering
• Agile Methods

Industry Clusters
TELCO, Retalho, Cibersegurança