Doctoral Exams: “the increased space in the artistic experience: screens, systems and physical contexts”

PhD Exams in Digital Media

Required by:

Ivo Jorge Meireles de Sousa Teixeira


Date, Time and Location

July 25 at 10:30 a.m., in the Act Room of Engineering Faculty

Jury President

Dr. Jorge Manuel Pinho de Sousa, FEUP Professor 


Dr. Sandra Vieira Jürgens, Visiting Assistant Professor, Art History Department,Social and Human Sciences Faculty, Universidade Nova de Lisboa;

Dr. Ana Maria of Assunção Carvalho, Assistant Professor at Maia Institute University;

Doctor Vítor Joaquim Paredes Fernandes, Visiting Assistant Professor at Portuguese Arts School of Catholic University;

Dr. José Miguel Santos Araújo Carvalhais Fonseca, Assistant Professor, Design Department, Fine Arts Faculty, OPorto University (Advisor);

Dr. André Rangel Macedo, Visiting Assistant Professor, Fine Arts Department, Fine Arts Faculty, Oporto University 

Dr. Rui Luis Nogueira Penha, Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Oporto University.

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