CT UP took office for the four-year term 2022/2025 and one of the 11 members elected to this Commission is Pedro Silva from the DEI-FEUP

The University of Porto Workers’ Commission (CT-UP) took office for the four-year period 2022/2025 last 28 January, at the Rectory building.

“We are now available to collaborate, to help and to contribute to the growth of our University and to the well-being of the entire community of the University of Porto”, said Pedro Sampaio, one of the 11 members who are now part of that representative body of workers of the University and the first of its kind in Portuguese Higher Education.

The electoral act held last December 13, in all Organic Units and Autonomous Services of the U.Porto, also resulted in the election of Ana Nogueira (SASUP), Maria João Leite Cardoso (Rectory), Paula Teixeira Pinto (Rectory), Pedro Miguel Silva (FEUP), Rui Pedro Costa (FFUP), António Rodrigues (FADEUP), José Miguel Magalhães (Rectory), Rosa Barros (FCNAUP), Miguel Diogo (FEUP) and Maria Armandina Moreira (FMUP).

Created in 2013, the U.Porto Workers’ Commission is a pioneer body in the framework in Higher Education in Portugal and its mission is to defend and enhance the interests and rights of all employees of the academic community through an active and constructive participation in the management of the institution.

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