1984 Revisited: Was George Orwell an optimist?

Debating privacy in the digital era – 03/02, 14:30, online

George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984” offers today an almost realistic description of the vast surveillance system on which capitalist democracies are now based. For the first time in the history of humanity, electronics have made it possible to bring together in the same instruments and the same gestures the work and the supervision exercised over the worker. Big Brother is no longer a figure of speech – he has become an everyday vulgarity.

This work will serve as inspiration for the Workshop promoted by the Doctoral Program in Digital Media at U.Porto, to be held online on February 3rd, at 14:30.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the theme of privacy in the digital era and intends to address its multiple implications today and to foresee future ones – namely regarding the transparency/opacity of digital systems and its relation with digital literacy, surveillance capitalism, prediction algorithms, among others.

To help this reflection, the session will open with a lecture by Professor Luís Borges Gouveia (Fernando Pessoa University/CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Research Centre “Culture, Space and Memory”), followed by a round table with Amílcar Correia (Co Director of Público newspaper), Arlindo Oliveira (President of INESC) and Filipe Vilas Boas (Artist).

The event will be held at Zoom https://bit.ly/35qpn9x,  with live broadcast on Youtube https://bit.ly/34lwLTl

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