CreativityTalks | “The Creativity Diamond Framework” by Prof. Peter Childs

There are many facets to creativity, and the topic has a profound impact on society. Substantial and sustained study on creativity has been undertaken, and much is now known about the fundamentals and how creativity can be augmented. To draw these elements together, a framework has been developed called the creativity diamond, formulated on the basis of reviews of prior work, as well as consideration of 20 PhD studies on the topics of creativity, design, innovation, and product development. The creativity diamond framework can be used to prompt and help select which tool or approach to use in a creative environment for innovative tasks. This presentation will explore some of the principal facets of creativity and describe the creativity diamond framework and associated resources as well as considering the practical realization of ideas.

 “The Creativity Diamond Framework” will be presented by Prof. Peter Childs, on March 2, at 6 pm, online via Youtube


Peter Childs is the Professorial Lead in Engineering Design and Co-Director of the Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London. His general interests include creativity, innovation, design, sustainability and robotics. He was the founding Head of School for the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial. Prior roles include director of the Rolls-Royce supported University Technology Centre for Aero-Thermal Systems, director of InQbate and professor at the University of Sussex. He has contributed to over 200 refereed journal and conference papers, and several books. He has been principal or co-investigator on contracts totalling over £100 million. He is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Editor of the Journal of Power and Energy, Professor of Excellence at MD-H, Berlin, Advisor Professor at Guangdong University of Technology, Chairperson at BladeBUG Ltd and Founder Director and Chairperson at QBot Ltd.

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