Appointment of the new board of NIAEFEUP

Last June, 7th, the new board of NIAEFEUP took office in room I-105 of FEUP, at 11:00. André Moreira, the ceasing president, conducted the session, which was opened by Prof. João Cardoso, DEI Director, Prof. Rui Rodrigues, M.EIC Director, Prof. Rosaldo Rossetti, L.EIC Director, and by the recently elected AEFEUP President, Francisco Portela, with speeches of gratitude to the ceasing board and best wishes to the one that will ensure the continuity of the activities for another year.

André Moreira, who took the floor, spoke to those present about all the activities promoted by the group during the mandate, thanking all those who, with him, carried out so many missions, reinforcing “how gratifying the experience was”, highlighting the importance of the nuclei and the positive impact they have on FEUP student life.

This was followed by the appointment of the 10 new elements, seen on the attached photograph, from left to right: Inês Gaspar (secretary), Nuno Pereira (Projects Co-Coordinator), Luís Duarte (Projects Co-Coordinator), Madalena Ye (Image Coordinator), Rita Cachaldora (Vice-President), João Pereira (President), Diogo Silva (Communication Coordinator), José Martins (Events Co-Coordinator), Gonçalo Miranda (Events Co-Coordinator) and Mariana Solange (Treasurer).

The session ended with a speech by the motivated new president, João Pereira, who reinforced the importance of the nucleus for the opportunity it gives computer science students to learn about what they most like through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, not forgetting to address heartfelt words of thanks to the ceasing board.

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