Young researchers in informatics engineering gathered at U.Porto

On the 30th and 31st of January, the “DSIE’18 13th Doctoral Symposium In Informatics Engineering” took place at the Faculty of Engineering of U.Porto (FEUP). DSIE’18 provides PhD students with a platform to present their scientific work, discuss their ideas, collect feedback and get opinions from experts, colleagues, teachers and experienced researchers.

20 years of LEIC

The course of Informatics and Computing Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) started in the academic year 1994/95. The course started in the form of a degree (LEIC) 1994/95 to 2005/06 and went on to Master (MIEIC) from 2006/07. In 2014 20 years of this course are completed and, to celebrate, with the collaboration of the Department of Computer Engineering at FEUP (DEI), the Conference 20 years of Informatics and Computing Engineering at FEUP is being organized.
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Raul Vidal is the Person of the Year in Software Engineering

Raul Vidal, professor of the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), will receive the Person of the Year award in Software Engineering on the 29th of June, at 14:30 in the auditorium of PT Innovation in Aveiro. The ceremony takes place at the International Conference “Trends 2015: Quality in Software Development and Services” organized by INOVA-Ria.
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Digital Media: FEUP Student awarded in Sweden

Within the Music Tech Fest Scandinavia in 2015, which took place on 29 and 30 May in Sweden.

A project developed by Horácio Tomé Marques, student of the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), the Doctoral Program in Digital Media, UT Austin Portugal was one of the winners of this year’s MusicBricks Incubation Awards, delivered last May in Sweden during the Music Tech Fest Encandinavia 2015.
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Nunes Ferreira as Honorary Professor at the University of Porto

As part of its 105th anniversary celebrations, U.Porto will distinguish jubille and retired teachers who have provided and will be able to continue to make a special contribution to the University. The names of the seven teachers and researchers who will be awarded the title of Honorary Professorat the University of Porto this year are already known.

José Luís Figueiredo focused on teaching catalysis throughout his career, as a professor at the Faculty of Engineering. In addition to being distinguished by the “Stimulus to Excellence” award given by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and by the Ferreira da Silva 2014 Award given by the Portuguese Chemical Society, several awards at international level. It is following this work that he will be recognized as a researcher at the Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials of the Associated Laboratory LSRE-LCM, in the area of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Carbon Materials.

Joaquim Silva Gomes is recognized for his work as a full professor at the Faculty of Engineering, where he taught in the area of ​​Solid Mechanics, Impact and Experimental Mechanics for over 40 years and for his involvement in the creation of INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering), which he chaired for more than 12 years. The professor will have the task of contributing to the consolidation of research in DEMec’s Experimental Mechanics and with the extension of the collaboration with the Eduardo Mondlane University, in Mozambique.

Also full professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Artur Pimenta Alves will be distinguished for the work he developed with the SIFO project “Integrated Services Network for Fiber Optics”, referred to as the basis of INESC TEC. He was director of INESC Porto for nine years and, in 2008, he took over as Director of the Production Center of RTP Porto. To continue its work in this area, U.Porto highlights the development of a national cluster in the area of ​​media.

Raimundo Delgado, after having dedicated 42 years of his life to the Faculty of Engineering, where he was responsible for several disciplines in the field of Structures in Civil Engineering, will continue to develop and seek process improvements for the dissemination of Civil Engineering. U.Porto now recognizes its work as President of the Council of Representatives of FEUP, Director of the PhD in Civil Engineering, President of the Construction Institute and Director of the Laboratory of Seismic and Structural Engineering.

Pedro Guedes de Oliveira also dedicated a large part of his life to the Faculty of Engineering. Full Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC), his career has also been extended to scientific research and interface institutes. Pedro Guedes de Oliveira has been President of INESC since its foundation, a position he held for seven years. It is based on this professional path that he will be distinguished as Professor Emeritus, and thus be able to contribute to the promotion of the electronics nucleus and his research activities.

With a degree in Electrotechnical Engineering from FEUP in 1972, Fernando Nunes Ferreir began his teaching activity that same year. In addition to having served two terms as Student Ombudsman at U.Porto, in his academic career, the management positions he held within the faculty also stand out, where he was president of the Department of Computer Electrotechnical Engineering (DEEC / FEUP), Director of the Computing Center and Member of the Informatics Engineering Department Council. U.Porto entrusts you with the task of developing the monitoring processes of the academic community.

Finally, Isabel Pires de Lima holds a PhD in Portuguese Literature from the Faculty of Letters, where she is a full professor and researcher. In addition to her professional activity, she dedicated herself to politics, having been Minister of Culture of the XVII Constitutional Government and deputy of the Assembly of the Republic between 1999 and 2008. As Professor Emeritus, she will be in charge of promoting, both nationally and internationally, activities of the Portuguese Culture Study Center.

The seven new Honorary Professors from U.Porto will receive their title on March 22, at the Salão Nobre da Ritoria, during the commemorative ceremony of the University of Porto Day.

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