Incentive Award 2024

For the 14th consecutive year, during the celebration of the 113th anniversary of the University of Porto, the Incentive Award 2024 honoured the best 1st year students from each faculty at U.Porto.

The list of the 22 students who completed their 1st year in 2022/2023 with the best average is headed by four students from the Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering (L.EIC), with Bruno Oliveira having the highest average at the University of Porto, with 19,85 marks. In addition to Bruno, the students Rodrigo Silva (19,2 marks), Gabriela Silva (19,05 marks) and Tiago Torres (18,9 marks) are also on the list of the best U.Porto students.

Let’s get to know them a little better:

Bruno Oliveira has always been interested in programming, so studying Computer Engineering was always a certainty. The prestige of the University of Porto and the testimony of former students, as well as the proximity of his home, made L.EIC the right choice for the student from Vila Nova de Gaia. From his first-year experience, the young student highlights the pleasant atmosphere and the support for new students, as well as the availability of the teachers to help students.

Rodrigo Silva, from Cortegaça, loves “facing problems and challenges” and being able to do so with people who share his tastes and interests made group work one of the most memorable experiences of his first year. The student emphasises his personal growth, advising future students to be persistent and resilient, never giving up in the face of adversity.

Gabriela Silva highlights the prestige of the University of Porto, its proximity to her home and the variety of training on offer in her “area of interest” as the main reasons that led her to join L.EIC. The student gives a very positive assessment of her first year, emphasising “the climate of unity” between teachers and students.

Tiago Torres always knew he wanted to be a computer engineer. That certainty, combined with the prestige and geographical proximity of the University of Porto, made L.EIC an obvious choice. The student, from Valongo, was very “positively surprised” by the knowledge he acquired in his first year, as well as the spirit of mutual help among the students, not only from the same year, but also from subsequent years and even from other courses. For future students, Tiago emphasises the importance of time management, so that they can have “a balance between studying and having fun”.

The Incentive Award, awarded annually since 2010, is an individual monetary prize corresponding to the value of the annual tuition fee applied to U.Porto’s national students.

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