GameDev Course (MIEIC) preliminary project presentation


The students from the Informatics Masters (MIEIC) have presented their Games' preliminary projects, and created some trailer videos about them. Here's a glimpse of some of them. This year we asked for variations of Manic Miner and Asteroids game, and had the collaboration from Pedro Cardoso, from FBAUP for ideas and design. These game prototypes were developed by the students using Unity, XNA Game Studio or Torwue2D engine, and over a period of four weeks (divided by all their other courses).

Team 1 – Manic Ladiv


Team 2 – Asteroids Third Person


Team 3 – Rulio Miner


Team 4 – I can't believe it's not Asteroids


Team 5 – FEUP Manic Miner


Team 6 – Save FEUP


Team 7 – Submerse FEUP


Team 8 – FEUProides


Team 9 – Manic FEUP


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