Two publications at Eurographics 2016 and one in CGI 2016

We are glad to anounce two accepted papers from GIG members at Eurographics 2016 and one in CGI 2016.

R. Nóbrega, J. Jacob, R. Rodrigues, A. Coelho and A. Augusto de Sousa, Augmenting Physical Maps: an AR Platform for Geographical Information Visualization, Eurographics 2016-Poster, 2016

Diego Jesus, Sketch Based Interaction for Procedural Modelling of Buildings , Eurographics 2016-Doctoral Consortium, 2016

Diego also had  an accepted paper in CGI 2016:

Diego Jesus, António Coelho, António Augusto Sousa , Layered Shape Grammars for Procedural Modelling of Buildings , in CGI 2016, 2016.

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