INFORMATICS.OnBoard, the Informatics Engineering * Interpares Mentoring Program, promoted last April 2nd another social event between L.EIC 1st year students and their mentors.

The group went out to discover the “Little Portuguese Tibet” through the Brandas de Sistelo Trail (PR14 Walk). In this scenery of true rural beauty, where the fabulous terraces stand out in the landscape, students and teachers were able to socialize informally, in collaborative dynamics that promote mutual help, integration, friendship and well-being.

This was the second activity of the 2021/2022 edition. All the others can be seen at Informatics On Board

* Interpares Mentoring Program

 The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto has an INTERPARES MENTORING program in operation, aimed at students entering for the first time in this institution of Higher Education (mentees), both national and international, with the objective of supporting them in this new phase of their academic path. This program of social and academic integration is carried out by students (mentors) already attending the different courses in more advanced years, and coordinated by a team of teachers, being adapted to each course according to its characteristics. This program is totally voluntary for both mentors and mentees. This initiative is currently integrated in the U. Porto Mentoring Program.

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