Ana Paula Rocha takes office as vice-president of the Pedagogic Council of FEUP

DEI’s Associate Professor, Ana Paula Cunha da Rocha, took office as vice-president of the Pedagogical Council of FEUP, last October 28th, before a room full of elements of the FEUP community that with their presence supported the new team that now starts a 4 year mandate [2022-2026]. At her side were also sworn in the other elements of the FEUP Executive Council, Prof. Renato Natal Jorge, as sub-director, Prof. Jaime Cardoso, as vice-president of the Scientific Council and Prof. Ana Sofia Guimarães, as member with Complementary Directive Functions.

The day before, the new Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Rui Calçada, took office in the Main Hall of the Rectory of U.Porto.

“Confessing himself “grateful” for “being able to give back to the faculty everything it has provided me over more than 30 years”, the new dean promised “energy to achieve the strategic objectives” defined for the next four years. Objectives that cross “the central areas of the institution’s mission [teaching, research and development, economic and social valorization of knowledge]” and that aim to “contribute so that all FEUP people feel happy in the house they have chosen””, can be read at FEUP’s Linkedin page.

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