Datattack is back for its 2nd edition

Organized by IEEE UP Student Branch, NEB-FEUP/ICBAS and NIAEFEUP, the second edition of Datattack took place last weekend (April 21-23), a 24 hours Data Science hackathon that aims to offer students the opportunity to contact with professionals in this area, enriching the marathon experience.

On the 1st day of the event, 2 workshops were held: Rain and river level analysis using data science, where participants could analyse the relationship between the amount of rainfall and the level of a river, using the numpy, pandas, matplotlib and sklearn libraries to perform the analysis and create a model to determine the possibility of flooding and, CRISP-DM – An Introduction to Effective Data Mining, an introduction on data mining and how CRISP-DM works, with a discussion on a case study at the end.

The 2nd day was dedicated to the competition itself that started at 10:30 am on the Saturday and ended 24 hours later with the teams of four to five elements working intensely to accomplish the proposed tasks and thus be awarded the prizes for best project.

The winning teams:

1º Lugar: DataFreaks

2º Lugar: Asociación Fusqi

3º Lugar: Attack on Python

“Organising a Data Science event for students is key to inspiring the next generation of Data Scientists. By providing opportunities to explore and learn about this growing area, we can help them develop critical skills and prepare them to deal with the ever-increasing volume of data we will face in the future,” stresses the event’s organisation.

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