The “magic FoRMuLa” team conquers the 2nd place in the Ebec Challenge Iberia

It was in a festive atmosphere that the “magic FoRMuLa” team took the stage at the Ebec Challenge Iberia to receive the distinction of 2nd place in the competition held in Madrid.

After reaching the 1st place in the local phase held in Porto, the team formed by Lucas Santos, Francisco Pires, Rita Ramada and Mafalda Magalhães, made magic once again in the two days of competition, accompanied by six other teams representing the Universities of Lisbon, Aveiro, Coimbra, two from Madrid and one from Valladolid. Over the two long days, the team had the opportunity to collaborate intensely among the team but also to share knowledge with the other participants. In everyone’s opinion, it was a very enriching experience, both personally and professionally.

They were two intense  days, each one with a different proposal for the Innovative Design challenge. “On the first day, we were challenged to create a prototype of an underwater tunnel, and use a 3D printer to do it. On the second day, the goal was to use debris from demolished buildings as material for a 3D machine, which would be responsible for printing new buildings” Rita Ramada told us. “These proposals encouraged our creativity, and the exploration of the combination between technology and engineering to create viable solutions. At the same time, it made us reflect on the importance of sustainability and the reuse of materials in construction” concludes the future computer engineer.

After the challenges, the team explained their ideas and presented their prototypes before a jury, thus winning the 2nd place.

“This recognition fills us with pride and validates our hard work and dedication throughout the challenge. It was an honour to have participated in Ebec Challenge Iberia and to have had the opportunity to represent our college and course outside Portugal” ends the team.

Photo: BEST Iberia

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