Inter-University Programming Marathon 2023 (MIUP)

On October 21, 2023, the Inter-University Programming Marathon 2023 (MIUP) took place at the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Coimbra. MIUP is a programming competition aimed at university students and has been held annually since 2001. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to test their problem-solving skills and, beyond the competitive aspect, MIUP also allows students and professors from Portuguese universities to get together and exchange experiences. In this competition, teams of three are challenged to solve various problems using the C, C++, Java and Python languages.

In this edition, 6 students from the Bachelor in Informatics and Computing Engineering (L.EIC) and 1 from the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering (M.EIC) participated on the competition. Unlike in previous years, teams from the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) and the Faculty of Sciences (FCUP) competed as University of Porto, result of the growing collaboration between DEI and DCC. There was even a mixed team and another that included an element from another faculty, ICBAS.

This year, 3 teams from the University of Porto had the privilege of achieving the distinction of reaching the top-6:
1st place – 2 students from MCC and 1 from ICBAS 🥇 gold medal
4th place – 1 student from LCC, 1 from MCC and 1 from L.EIC 🥉 bronze medal
6th place – 1 student from M.EIC and 2 from L.EIC 🥉 bronze medal

More information about MIUP 2023 can be found on the page of the event and the teams’ final results here.

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