DEI Open Day returns on July 16

DEI Open Day takes place every year and is intended to showcase the teaching and research activities of FEUP’s Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI), with the aim of exploring opportunities for collaboration with national and international companies. This event promotes thematic debates and informal moments, seeking to get closer to companies and society in general.

This year’s theme, “Working in Computer Engineering: opportunities and challenges“, will explore the flexibility of work and the integration of new productivity tools into the day-to-day life of the Computer Engineer. Indeed, working in Informatics Engineering offers dynamic opportunities and challenges, especially with the growing adoption of remote working. At the same time, AI-based productivity tools such as copilots enhance efficient and creative work, but require constant adaptation to change and continuous improvement of technical skills.

The event full programme can be viewed here.


Open Sessions (no registration required)

[Corridor B – 14:00 – 15:30] Visit to the stands of the student groups linked to DEI
DEI believes in empowering students as agents of change, which is why it promotes close links with the student groups that carry out their activities in the department’s areas of interest. The NIAEFEUPNCGM and neACM student groups will be present and available to talk to companies and students, letting them know about their activities and possibilities for future collaboration.

[B032 – 14:30 – 15:40] Why do a master’s degree at DEI?
Which master’s programme to choose after graduating? What are the advantages of pursuing a master’s degree? What are the benefits for a company of taking on final-year students to develop a thesis? These are just some of the questions to be addressed in this session dedicated to students and companies wishing to find out more about the DEI’s various master’s programmes.

  • Presentation of the DEI’s Masters programmes (M.EICMESWMECDMMMCIM.IA), representative papers and testimonies from each Masters, and Q&A.

[B032 – 15:50 – 17:15] Why do a PhD at the DEI?
What is the importance of obtaining a doctorate? What opportunities and impact do doctoral graduates have on industry? What doctoral opportunities are there at the DEI? These will be some of the questions  addressed in this session showing the positive impact, new opportunities and added value of a doctorate for students and companies.

  • Talk “Towards Next-Generation Explainable AI” by Wojciech Samek (Professor at TU Berlin, Head of AI Department at Fraunhofer HHI, Fellow at BIFOLD).
  • Presentation of the doctoral programmes ProDEIMAP.iPDMD and testimonials from former students.
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