GameDev Course (MIEIC) preliminary project presentation


The students from the Informatics Masters (MIEIC) have presented their Games' preliminary projects, and created some trailer videos about them. Here's a glimpse of some of them. These game prototypes were developed by the students using Unity, XNA Game Studio or JMonkey, and over a period of four weeks (divided by all their other courses).

Team 1 – FEUP Worms

Edgar Alves
Pedro Barbosa
Anabela Carvalho
Amaro Silva

Team 2 – Wheels of destruction

José Coelho
Tiago Gomes
Pedro Meleiro
Gonçalo Silva

Team 3 – FEUP Battles

Carlos Babo
José Pedro Marques
Hélder Moreira
Felipe Schmitt

Team 4 – Capture the Department

André Dias
Hugo Fernandes
António Pires
Nuno Santos

Team 5 – 9.44

Abel Dantas
Tiago Moreira
Rodolfo Silva
Vasco Torres

Team 6 – FEUP Worms

João Estevinho
Albert Czyewski
Laura Gáspár
Bruno Nova

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