MARES Mission

This demo presents a simulation of an underwater mission of the AUVs (Autonomous Underwater vehicles) MARES and TriMARES to detect and analyze problems in the underwater oil pipelines.

The MARES AUV (Autonomous Underwater vehicle), developed by the Ocean Systems Group (Oceansys) from INESC-TEC and FEUP, is a submarine with a length of 1.5mts and a diameter of 20 cm. It is able to reach a maximum horizontal speed of 2m/s, and possesses a series of on-board sensors that are designed to aid the vehicle in its movement and location. 

The TriMARES is a 3-body autonomous underwater vehicle developed by INESC-TEC, based on the MARES design, and designed to provided extra payload capability, including high quality video and sonar.

The demo was produced in the context of INESC TEC, using Unity, and a basis engine to control the vehicles based on XML specifications was developed. The goal is to serve as a starting point for a system for planning, coordination and control of underwater missions.


Development: Ricardo Gonçalves

Coordination: António Coelho, Rui Rodrigues

Copyright: INESC TEC 2012


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