GameDev Course (MIEIC) preliminary project presentation

The students from the Informatics Masters (MIEIC) have presented their Games' preliminary projects, and created some trailer videos about them. Here's a glimpse of some of them. These game prototypes were developed by the students using XNA Game Studio, and over a period of four weeks (divided by all their other courses).

FEUP Hazard

António Miguel Ferreira
João António Soares 
João Pedro Correia

Lights out

João Faria
Pedro Pinto
Tiago Almeida

Projecto FEUP

César Duarte
João Almeida
Ricardo Canastro


João Pedro Marques
José Pedro Cardoso
Vítor Oliveira


João Coelho
José Macedo
Manuel Soares

Printer Dude

Tiago Gonçalves
Ricardo Belchior
André Rosa


Rui Ferreira


FEUP Hazard (zombie)

Rafal Gicgier
Aleksandar Lazarov
João Serra

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