GraphJudge: a system for submission, validation and assisted assessment of Computer Graphics’ assignments



We describe the core of a system for submission, automated validation and assisted evaluation of Computer Graphics' assignments. This type of assessments has a series of specific challenges associated to it, namely the analysis of graphical output and the variations between implementation in different development platforms and operating systems. When considering a large number of submitted programs (in the order of hundreds), dealing with compilation and execution of these submissions, and performing the evaluation itself quickly becomes a very time-consuming task. The goals of the system are therefore to allow submission and early validation for the students, guaranteeing a working and executable submission, and an assessment environment for the teachers, that eases the burden of compiling and executing, while providing automatically visual information of the submissions. The design and the process to automate the compilation, execution and the capture of their results to be shared by students and teachers is discussed, along with the methodologies used to implement it.


Lindomar Rocha, Rui Rodrigues

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