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Digital Games’ Design Summer School @ FEUP

  A Digital Games Design Summer School by Bruce Pennycook (http://pennycook.music.utexas.edu/) from the University of Texas at Austin, will be held at the Faculty of Engineering  of University of Porto (www.fe.up.pt) from June 17th to July 5th.    The course will focus on using a game engine to design and develop a digital game. Students […]

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GameDev Course (MIEIC) preliminary project presentation

  The students from the Informatics Masters (MIEIC) have presented their Games' preliminary projects, and created some trailer videos about them. Here's a glimpse of some of them. This year we asked for variations of Manic Miner and Asteroids game, and had the collaboration from Pedro Cardoso, from FBAUP for ideas and design. These game […]

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dataflower: harnessing heterogeneous parallelism for creative applications

Digital artists have always attempted to explore the state of the art capabilities of available computer hardware. Modern tools like [[http://processing.org|Processing]] and [[http://openframeworks.cc|OpenFrameworks]], together with good online documentation and supportive communities, have made programming an approachable skill for every artist. However, computer hardware is undergoing a paradigm shift. Pushed by ever increasing demands for performance […]

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